Dr Tanith Davidson

Behavioural Disorders ~ ADD ~ ADHD ~ Autism ~ Bedwetting ~ Nightmares ~ Colic ~ Unexplained Rashes ~ Eczema ~ Psoriasis ~ Allergies ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Insomnia ~ Menopause ~ Metabolic Syndrome (type 2 Diabetes) ~ Weight loss ~ Safe treatments during pregnancy and lactation

Dr Tanith Davidson qualified as a homeopath with an M.Tech. (Hom.) from the University of Johannesburg in 2006 and is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and the Homeopathic Association of South Africa.

She completed her master's dissertation in a study involving HIV and to further expand her knowledge in this field she completed a course in HIV management.

Dr Davidson has completed her certificate in ‘Neurotherapy’ and frequently combines the use of the Neurotherapy assessments with homeopathy in her practice. 

She has also completed a course in ‘Complementary and Alternative Medical Approach to Reproductive Health’ and frequently attends functional medicine seminars and lectures on various health topics each year to ensure that she continues to learn new or different approaches to treatment.

While completing her training in South Africa, Dr Davidson travelled to Mumbai, India, to study with Dr Rajesh Shah, an internationally renowned homeopath. This has given her insight into different ways of using homeopathy from a country where homeopathy is the first line of treatment in government hospitals and clinics.

Taking time to invest in future Homeopaths, Dr Davidson also works as a part-time lecturer and as a supervising clinician in the Homeopathy Clinic at the University of Johannesburg on certain days. She often co-supervises and marks Homeopathic Master’s degree dissertations.

Dr Davidson loves working with people to assist them in achieving optimal health. She is devoted to her practice and her patients and is always seeking new information on the current advances in natural medicine that may assist her patients further.


To make an appointment to see Dr. Davidson please contact her receptionist by visiting our contact page.