Wellness Screening

Preventive medicine is one area of health care in which all people have the opportunity to exercise more responsibility and control over the health.  Getting regular screening tests for common health problems is a simple and effective first step. Screening tests can give you and your practitioner the information needed to identify health risks and take preventive measures before they become more serious problems.

Getting routine tests performed even though you have no symptoms can help detect problems early and help you benefit from easier and more effective treatment. It can sometimes even prevent disease. It's easy to take these tests for granted, but their power to keep you healthier for longer should not be underestimated.

There are a number of different tests that can be done to monitor ones health on a regular or annual basis. Some of the most common recommended tests are briefly discussed this PDF document. There are many more test available to help diagnose illnesses, establish risk of disease and to monitor treatment. However, only wellness screening tests are mentioned in this document.

Tests for assisting in diagnosis of diseases, risk of disease and to help monitor treatments can be complicated. It is important to discuss all your symptoms, concerns, medical and family history with a qualified practitioner so that he or she may assist you in selecting the right tests specific to your health.

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